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156*156 Poly 4BB Cells

1. Minimum power loss rate and low breakage rate; 2. Good appearance with consistent color uniformity; 3. Outstanding electrical stability; 4. Great solder-ability; 5. Full sort and inspection of solar cells’ appearance and electrical performance; 6. Competitive price from 0.178~0.228$/Wp, fast delivery

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Price: 0.19-0.23 USD/Wp; The 156P-4BB has low reverse current, high shunting resistance and dependability. Proper handling from incoming inspection through production, outgoing inspection and packaging. 100% checked for reverse current and visual appearance.

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Poly 156/156.75 4BB

Anti-PID technology to make sure excellent anti-PID performance of solar module; Double Printing Technology to realize better welding effect; Meeting testing conditions of 85℃、85RH%、-1000V、96H Integral PV chain, own produced silicon materials and wafer to guarantee high quality materials;

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